Municipality of Kiamba

This idyllic town of structured short and narrow roads littered with houses built before the Second World War, has some of the best beaches in the Philippines and a number of marine sanctuaries.

Kiamba also features vast plains ideal for agri-industrial investment as well as mountain ranges, waterfalls, caves and thick rainforests which outdoor enthusiasts will surely delight in, while the town's long stretch of coastline is ideal for those interested to invest in the fishing industry.

The protected Tuka Marine Park is the perfect destination for tourists who are looking forward to unwind and forget everything about the fast-paced and stressful urban life. There are four protected coves in Tuka Marine Park and only Tuka Cove 2 is open to the public. Facing the Celebes Sea, Tuka features fine white sand beach and an awesome coral garden just a few meters away from the coast making it perfect for snorkeling and diving. There are no vendors and hawkers and annoying vehicle noises making Tuka perfect for those who want solitude and serenity.

The town is best enjoyed by taking short walks along the narrow roads to appreciate the colonial architecture. Kiamba is also the place to witness the spectacular Celebes Sea sunset. A perfectly shaped setting sun amidst the explosion of colors in the sky is the perfect cap to a fun-filled day in the town. The village of Badtasan hosts the School of Living Tradition where the Tbolis have preserved their ancient craft of brass-casting. Falel, a hamlet just a 35-minute uphill trek from the town center, is a Tboli community that still practices their age-old tradition of burying their dead on a "lawaan" tree trunk. The trunk is sealed air-tight and is prominently displayed inside their house up until they can overcome their sadness and longing for the departed.

Kiamba is also the hometown of Sarangani Governor Steve Chiongbian Solon and wife of Filipino boxing icon and Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao, Jinkee. Congressman Pacquiao is also a registered voter of this town.

Kiamba celebrates Timpuyog Festival every February 14. Timpuyog is an an Ilocano word for unity, a term very appropriate in a town whose populace is a mixture of Ilocanos, Cebuanos, Maguindanaos, Blaans and T'bolis.

Come and visit Kiamba where you will enjoy several of the best beaches of the Philippines.


Position   Name of Officials
Mayor:   George F. Falgui
Vice Mayor:   Ancheta, Marie Jess
Councilors:   Pimentel, James Solomon
    Dalman, Josephine L.
    Martinez, Cornelio Jr. T.
    Sevilleja, Ruben T.
    Santillana, Jeric G.
    Yasaña, Antonio A.
    Gagarin, Vincent Wyne J.
    Maglin, Alfredo Jr.