Municipality of Maasim

West of Gen. Santos City is the town Maasim, another fast-rising investment hub of Sarangani Province. Not only ideal for tourism activities as it offers some of Philippines' best dive spot and outdoor trekking though its canyons, Maasim is also open for investors looking for vast tracts of land and natural harbor access.

Maasim has a long coastline that furthermore provides wonderful beach resorts. Perched, on top of a cliff overlooking Sarangani Bay, Lemlunay Diving Resort is among the premiere dive spots in the country. A 30-minute drive from the airport of Gen. Santos City, Lemlunay offers modern accommodation and full amenities. Divers from all over the world have been mesmerized by the underwater beauty this dive spot has to offer.

Going to Maasim mean driving through a world-class highway passing by wonderful sceneries. Canyons and coastal villages, cheerful and accommodating people dots the highway to the town. Going past the town, tourist can experience the Maguindanaon way of life as villages that line the road to Kiamba and Maitum is dominated by Muslim communities.

The mountain villages, home of the Blaans as well as Christian communities, host ranches and agricultural plantations of banana. Maasim also has extensive industrial investments such as shipyards and a power plant.


Position   Name of Officials
Mayor:   Pacquiao, Zyrex C.
Vice Mayor:   Nambatac, Visitacion S.
Councilors:   Lanticse, Margarito
    Albores, Fortunato Jr. F.
    Gomez, Eddie Sr. M.
    Macabangon, Marlon
Carnalna, Francisco C.
    Mabongan, Aldwin Z.
    Pelipas, Jose Ricky B.
    Ambrad, Aldrick