Sarangan People

The SARANGANS showcase enormous cultural diversity of Blaan, Tboli, Tagakaolo, Kalagan, Manobo, Ubo, Muslim tribes and Christian settlers. Hospitable and fun-loving “Sarangans” (people of Sarangani) adhere to a unified direction for development.

Muslim consists of 7 groups; the Lumads, 17; and the migrant settlers, at least 20. The Blaans characterize the largest minority and are distributed in the municipalities of Malapatan, Glan, Alabel, Maasim, and Malungon. A bulk of this tribe is found in Malapatan constituting 37% of the municipal household population.

The Maguindanaos are settled in the municipalities of Malapatan, Maitum, and Maasim; Tbolis reside mostly in Maitum, Kiamba, and Maasim while Tagakaolos subsist entirely in Malungon.

Cebuano settlers are found in Glan and Alabel; Ilonggos are situated in Malungon while the Ilocanos live mostly in Kiamba and Maitum.

Thus, Sarangani’s mixed population of Cebuano-speaking Blaans and Muslims in the east coast, Ilocano-speaking Tbolis, Manobos and Muslims in the west coast, and Ilonggo-speaking Blaans and Kaolos in the north uplands, is unique and in harmony.

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